Saturday, March 21, 2009

Word : The mightiest tool

Even a small word can work as a power capsule . Just as a small stone thrown in calm water creates waves of happiness, similarly one word of compliment can be miraculous. Behind every great action, worst debacle there have been just words . "Yes , I have seen him", just these words from Acharya Ramkrishna Paramhans pulled a boy Narendra and transformed him into Swami Vivekananda. The history is full of such little words, phrases, little compliments. Be it Mahabharat, life of our former President Mr. Kalam, Mahakavi Kalidas,World war 2, take any action, any incidence, any epic always a few word made all the difference. Positive words help in construction where as negative ones in destruction. The mightest tool is word. Life can be extrordinarily different, depending on the way one uses words.Words create revolutions.Words create character.Words create Nation.
Use words responsibly.